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Gallery With A Cause • Located in the New Mexico Cancer Center • Benefitting the NMCC Foundation

Please call gallery director Regina Held to arrange a private gallery tour, make a purchase, or ask any questions.


I am from rural Pennsylvania but have worked professionally in the accounting and finance industry of Southern California and taught accounting and financial planning at a private liberal arts college on the East Coast. Although I always had an interest in music, my interest in art surfaced as I neared retirement. Living in New Mexico has allowed me to pursue art classes at numerous venues in Albuquerque, Portland, and Santa Fe which has exposed me to not only different styles of art and different artists, but also to different media as well. My work includes drawing, painting, stained glass, and small 3d sculpture; acrylic, texturing elements, and ink; abstract and representational pieces. My paintings are included in periodic exhibits at the New Mexico Art League in Albuquerque.


Artist Statement

Having lived in the lush, green, fertile Amish farmlands of Pennsylvania as well as the hectic, noisy, yet somehow laid-back strip of sunshine called Southern California, my art is colorful and textured. I rarely start with a clear intention for a piece other than a general color palette and size of canvas. I lay down a few colors, perhaps add textural elements, and let the piece tell me what it wants to become. A forest floor? An underwater scene? An insect’s view of a garden? Perhaps an ancient map of Italy? In this way what is abstract becomes somewhat representational, but not in a strict sense. I simply let these playful mental images guide my choice of color, line, and shape until I am finished with the piece. I often work on several paintings at a time so that my progress on any given piece does not become forced. I feel successful when a viewer wants to touch my work because they desire a physical connection with the feeling the art evokes.

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