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Abraham Mendoza is a professional artist born and raised in the land of enchantment. He currently resides and works in the city of Albuquerque. He began his interest in art at a very young age as a method to overcome the struggles of life.

Abraham is self-taught and has never attended any formal schools of learning in art. He has been painting and drawing most of his life and constantly seeks to improve his skills. Several of his paintings and drawings are located in personal collections throughout the state. His artistic career has seen many changes as he has constantly sought to improve his skills and learn different methods and techniques of creating art.

Artist Statement

For as long as I can remember, I desired to have some of the attributes commonly displayed by animals. When I was growing up I wanted to have the strength of a bull, the speed of a road runner, and the brevity of a lion. I desired to soar through the air in peace like the owl.

FThrough my paintings I use nature as a path to enlightenment and to find peace of mind. I try to use my art as a portal to the profoundest part of my inner self. When I stare at a blank canvas, I awaken myself and escape into a world where I am able to harness the attributes of animals to overcome depression, anxiety, and daily life.

FI started making art with charcoals and pencils and my early pieces were dark and gloomy. Eventually I discovered the vibrancy of color found all over nature, and it led me to new and exciting ways of expressing myself through color utilizing oil paints and mixed media.

FI desire for my paintings to bring color, positivity, and life to this world. I would like for the viewers to deeply submerse themselves into my paintings so that they too can chanel the spirit of the animal to overcome their own struggles in life.

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