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I have been involved in art in some form all my life, from drawing on whatever paper or surface was at hand in my younger days, to immersing myself in the art world in high school, to graduating from college in art and philosophy.

As an adult, I have always supported myself by something either directly or indirectly connected with the arts. The mediums I have worked in have ranged from wood turning, pastels, paper, to oils. I cherish each medium, each one has had something that has enriched my knowledge of materials and communicating through ‘made’ objects. I happen to live in a very beautiful part of NM, on 40 acres, so I am surrounded by nature and it is easy to watch to world, the sunsets, sunrises, the changes in the land through the seasons, and those phenomenal clouds that drift by or build those huge, almost terrifying cumulus accumulations.

Through my art I try to capture some of these moments, aiming more at the poetic than the super realistic. I am looking for mood, for the feeling of peace, of power and unrest, of beauty. I use brushstroke and palette knife to build up paint or to take it away. I also love the smoothness of a ‘wash’ of oils, allowing the eye space to rest. Combining all the above is the challenge and the fun of working in oils.

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