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My current work focuses on insects which might be a rather unusual choice of subject matter for art. But when studied these loved/hated creatures present a huge array of shapes, sizes, colors and behaviors. Although small in size they are the most numerous groups of life with which we share our magnificent home – planet earth.

Some ten years ago beetles in particular caught my eye and I began a mixed media series, Fantasy Beetles, which combine the basic beetle form with whimsical human attributes. My biologist son provided a wealth of information about my chosen subject explaining that there are more species of beetles than all kinds of vertebrat4es combined. This provides me with unlimited subject matter. In recent years I added bees, moth, butterflies, dragonflies, ad lately toads, frogs ad snakes. As the damage to our planet increases and therefore the danger to most living things, my intent is to highlight the beauty and value of our small endangered friends.

I work on wood and canvas, or a combination of both and use colored pencil, acrylic, inks, pastel and whatever else completes the “look.” My greatest pleasure is exploring new ways to use mediums and materials to create the “Aha” moment. Whatever I am working on at the time usually ends up in a series – ballplayers, angels, jazz musicians, santas, historical re-enactors and now insects.

As I enter my 85th year my inspiration and stream of ideas are at an all-time high. So at the age I feel entitled to give the following advice: If you make art now, and love it, keep on doing it and do not let anything stop you. If there are physical limitations change your style and/or materials and keep on working. If you have not tried art but think you might like it now is the time to start. It will make you happy!

Artist Statement

Expressing myself through creative activity has always been a port of my life. Creativity has brought me great joy, adventure and satisfaction. I began working in pastel in grade school when I was chosen to represent my school in a city art program. Later on in high school (Highland ‘5s) my typing teacher had me draw a mural on the blackboard at the beginning of each month. Great fun but not so good for my typing speed!
Although mostly self-taught, through the years I took a few classes, entered some shows and won a few awards and prizes, but, as most women in my generation, spent most of my time on family ad job. After retirement it was a different story.

A member of The Artist Studio in Hoffmantown Ceter since the mid-nineties I have taught colored pencil classes since 1985, and I am one of the founder of CPSA Chapter 219 as well as its first president. I was a longtime member of Rainbow Artists.

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