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A resident of Albuquerque for the better part of 50 years, I consider myself a “near native” of New Mexico. As the youngest of 5 children, I enjoyed exposure to many cultural and outdoor activities while growing up. My mother renewed her own interest in painting and in art history once we children were grown. She and I spent many weekends visiting art shows, art museums and galleries with friends who were active painters.

After a lengthy career practicing Internal Medicine in Denver, on the Navajo Reservation and in various clinical settings in Albuquerque, I found time to develop my own interest in the visual arts of digital photography and watercolor painting. Fortunately, the city and state have much to offer visual artists in the form of beautiful light, spectacular scenery, a vibrant arts community and a wealth of mentors and classes. Upon joining the New Mexico Watercolor Society, most of my creative energies shifted from professional photography to an emerging passion for watercolor painting. In the art of watercolor I have discovered enormous challenge along with tremendous satisfaction from translating visual imagery into luminous color, texture and shape.

Artist Statement

My fascination with the ability to create an external representation of what the mind visually perceives began as a child; with forays into drawing and film photography. It was also my good fortune to have a mother who enjoyed oil painting and art history. She encouraged my growing powers of observation and inquisitive nature by promoting and enhancing my appreciation of fine art and colorful imagery in various media with lessons, art outings, and museum visits. After a career in clinical medicine, I developed a special interest and fondness for the luminous qualities of watercolor painting. Taking every opportunity to participate in painting classes and workshops, this affection grew into a passion. As a member of the NM Watercolor Society, I am pleased to have achieved Signature Member Group status, and plan to enjoy a lifelong avocation in watercolor art.

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