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I’ve traveled the world seeking nothing. And, along the way I see, or better yet, I try to see the unseen, the story, that which reveals itself mysteriously, suddenly.  I’ve been using the camera / photography to express the delightful, sorrowful, wonderful, complex and simple characters, actors and events that magically turn that journey into ‘story’.

I’ve been using the camera and the ‘darkroom’ since the late 60’s. Hand coloring prints, solarization, dodging and burning – those were the tools and techniques that helped to define the photography story up until the 90’s.  And then came digital processing of images; opening a creative door that has allowed me to venture deeper into artistic expression. In the 50 years that have passed, with camera in hand, mind alert to the invisible I continue seeking nothing. And to find story everywhere. 

I am the owner and operator of 10.000 Cranes Studio where I partner with artists for their fine art printing

The Daylily

I close my eyes, sometimes it’s so hard to see..

A daylily or day lily is a flowering plant in the genus Hemerocallis - The familiar flower that we often see is bright, colorful and oh so splendid. We see its petals, anthers, pistils and stamens. But less visible perhaps is the beauty deep inside. My deconstruction of this noble flower invites consideration of this rare perspective. With these images, I invite you deep inside the day lily’s unseen secrets.


Photographed with a medium format camera, shot from overhead with light coming from beneath the flower, thereby revealing the flowers translucency and vibrancy. Delicious. Looks edible. Enjoy.

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