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Art Open House at NMCC March 2, 2018.

A native Chicagoan, Carol Adamec earned a BFA in Drawing and Painting at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Over the past 50 years, she has been involved in the arts as a working artist, studio instructor, gallery direc-tor, curator, exhibit juror, panelist, speaker, and professional mentor to artists. Painting has been her primary creative focus.

In 1994 Carol moved to New Mexico for the beauty of the land and the clarity of the light. Her paintings have been included in exhibitions in the Albuquer-que, as well as out-of-state galleries and venues. Along with purchases by col-lectors across the United States, her work can be found in the Bernalillo County's Public Art Collection. She is currently represented by the Weyrich Gallery in Albuquerque and LRoss Gallery in Memphis, TN.

Carol’s studio is located at the Harwood Art Center, where she continues her pursuit of beauty, engaged in painting flowers, gardens, and Japanese kimonos.

Artist Statement

With paint and brush, I have been chasing beauty for over 50 years. Mostly I have chosen something beautiful to paint—flowers in the garden, an evening sunset, the New Mexico landscape—rendered in a realistic style, working from observation, photographs, memory, and imagination.

Several years ago, while visiting the de Young Museum in San Francisco, I was awed and overwhelmed by beauty of traditional Japanese kimonos in their collection. The word kimono means “something to wear”. Yet, the ex-traordinary variety of ornate patterning based on themes from Nature devel-oped into a well of inspiration for me.

This influence has become apparent in my recent paintings of flowers, gar-dens, and kimonos in my ongoing series, In a Japanese Garden. Often I rely on the simple shape of the Japanese kimono to structure an image, which is then enhanced with line, shape, color, and multiple materials.

My pursuit of beauty continues.

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