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Carol Lutz is an Albuquerque, NM fused glass artist. It was here that she was first introduced to fused glass when she walked into a gallery showcasing glass artwork. She took a class and instantly became hooked. Carol enjoys creating many different types of pieces, from functional work such as tables, dishes and lazy susans to wall art and sculptures. One of her great joys is teaching art to students from PK through 8th grade. For Carol, there is nothing better than the moment on a child’s face that tells her they created something special. Her philosophy is that children can find many ways to be successful by exploring a variety of mediums and art styles. She has an AA in Studio Art and shows her artwork at a variety of places, mainly Amapola Gallery in Old Town and the Rail Yards Market.

Artist Statement

I work mostly with Fused Glass as a medium. I love working with the endless combination of colors and different types of glass. My inspiration comes from New Mexico, the vibrant and ever changing colors in the sky, landscape and mountains, as well as the Native American culture. Most of my pieces are geometric in design, some are purely abstract. That’s the beauty of fused glass, there are so many different directions to take it. Just as people wear jewelry to enhance their appearance, I like to think of these pieces as jewelry to adorn your wall and compliment other artwork.

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