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Carol Ordogne has always been inspired by nature. She grew up in California and graduated from the University of Hawaii, Hilo campus where she studied art. She then moved to Louisiana and earned a graduate degree in landscape architecture at Louisiana State University. After many years of practice in residential landscape design she yearned to paint full time. She moved to New Mexico and found Placitas to be the perfect place to grow as an artist.

Artist Statement

Carol Ordogne has primarily worked in oils painting animals and landscapes. During the pandemic she switched to printmaking as a medium and changed her focus from fine art to a fun folk-art style.

With the world so drastically changing her thought turned to the next generation. She wanted to inspire young people to learn about plants, animals, stars, moons, spirits, art, and architecture.
Carol produced 27 prints that were published as a book with rhyming couplets. Her hope is that even very young children will enjoy these prints and her book, New Mexico ABC’s. The idea was to present some brain teasers like ones found in the Highlights for Children magazines which populated the doctors’ offices of her youth. Each print tells a story using only words that start with one letter. The letter H print for example, shows a Horse looking out at the reader. There are some Harebell flowers within his reach. Below him sits a cowboy Hat and some Horse-apples. A startled Hawk flies skyward. Behind the Horse is a Hogan perched on a Hill. As the Half-moon rises Hail is pouring down. The answers to all the brain teasers are on the back page of the book and are on the wall of this gallery. See how many you can get right!

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