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Artist Statement

High mountains and indigenous cultures surrounded my childhood; I was born in La Paz, Bolivia. I grew fond of the bright colors and textiles that have inspired my artwork for many years. My continued curiosity for new cultures, language and design led me to pursue a Master’s degree in Architecture. I teach Spanish, architecture and design to children.

My art is influenced by architecture. My abstract designs incorporate geometrical shapes and patterns based on nature and mathematical components. My colors are influenced by the beautiful sunsets and landscapes of New Mexico. Continuous color gradations and textures help my art pieces move, sometimes creating little optical illusions, sometimes the composition changes according to the orientation of the piece. I paint the edges of a canvas to extend the design and allow it to be appreciated from different angles.

I paint squares and rectangles that resemble the weaving of a textile. If you zoom in on a textile it dissolves into those squares and rectangles, but as you move farther away the composition will tell a story.

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