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Cecily Colbert is a native New Mexican and daughter of renowned ceramic artist, Betty Colbert. She grew up in an environment surrounded by artists, writers and poets and started working in clay and other media as a child. Now an Albuquerque resident, Colbert has engaged in a lifelong pursuit of ceramic art, painting and drawing, receiving her Bachelor degree from the University of Albuquerque and an Master of Fine Art from Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles, California. She has taught ceramics at Northern New Mexico Community College as well as many workshops. Colbert’s work has been shown in numerous juried exhibitions and galleries in California and New Mexico, and her work is part of several collections in New Mexico, California and Colorado, including the Denver Art Museum.

Her primary focus is on abstract sculptural ceramic art and abstract drawing. Colbert’s clay sculptures are hand built using slab and coil techniques. Her work is informed by nature and the landscape surrounding me. She is fascinated by the way in which wind and water shape the earth and molten volcanic rock formations.

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