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Dan Garrett – bio

Dan Garrett is a native of Oklahoma who now shares his time between homes in Abuquerque and Oklahoma City where he established a small metal fabrication firm. Dan comes from a very artistic family and was encouraged from childhood to explore different artistic forms. Dan’s love for nature led him towards landscape and exterior design, so his initial creations revolved around art to enhance an outdoor setting, but soon transitioned to include interior sculpture and wall panels.

Dan has been awarded numerous public art commissions and his work can be found in both private and corporate collections.

Artist Statement

I am constantly intrigued by the human response to contemporary art. Throughout history man has worked to repeat the symmetry and geometry found in the natural world through art, architecture and music. The varied reactions these efforts bring out in people is the basis of my motivation and my experimentation with color, shape and form has resulted in my current body of work.

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