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Dan was raised in Kenya and Tanzania so he has a natural affinity for the wide open spaces and bold light of New Mexico. He says “My dad was always photographing daily life on safari, often from a treetop, rooftop or cartop. Watching him shoot showed me how to work at getting the right shot.”

After college in upstate New York, Dan migrated instinctively to New Mexico in 1972 and has been in Albuquerque ever since. H recently retired from his career as freelance graphic designer and sales rep for printing, telecommunications and publishing companies. Dan’s work has been included in many state-wide photography exhibitions.

Artist Statement

I shoot photos because there’s an inherent joy in seeing and sharing something that excites the eye, taunts the mind or makes one laugh. I like to share the good things in life. What appeals to me most are bold compositions, especially those based on shadows, lines and patterns.

So much of life is worth recording and sharing, especially moments that have a special wonder to them. Wonder is what makes you stop in your tracks and appreciate what you see. That wonder may be in the form of color, composition, light, mystique, motion, humor or simply beauty. When I see something special, I instantly react with an internal “Yes” and reach for my camera. Since I usually have my camera within arm’s reach everywhere I go, I’m always ready to shoot. I do not leave home without a camera.

Trusting my visual instinct, I like to shoot quickly and analyze later. That may be in the next minutes as I pursue follow-up shots to discover more in details in the scene by zooming in or zooming out, or by capturing different angles of my subject. Later might be working on the images on the computer by adjusting the size, color or proportions of the shot.

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