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Dawn Lomako is a native New Mexican, currently living in Albuquerque with her family. She graduated from the University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy in 1996. Artistically, Dawn is self-taught and has been creatively active since her youth, quietly cultivating her own unique style.

Dawn most commonly paints with oils on canvas. Her favorite subject is anything with flowers. Her technique is wet on wet with a limited color palette. Dawn focuses on visible brush strokes along with texture and color combinations that are pleasing to the eye and spark the imagination of the viewer.

Currently, one of Dawn’s hollyhock pieces can be seen on display at the corner of 5th and Mountain Road in Albuquerque, New Mexico as a lamp post banner. Her work is part of the public art project entitled “History of the Neighborhood Through the Eyes of Contemporary Artists.”

With each painting, Dawn conveys the joy and contentment that she wishes for the world. Dawn sees intricate beauty in all flowers but loves to paint hollyhocks and sunflowers as she says, “they have the most personality and the best expressions.” Dawn is inspired in the awe of nature and its complex details and finds peace when she considers how the flowers grow.

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