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I grew up in a family with an artist mother and an accountant father. As a child I was creative and frequently could be found with a pad of paper and charcoal pencil. Following my father’s path, my education and career choices drew me away from artistic pursuits. I attended high school in Albuquerque and received my bachelor’s degree in environmental psychology from New Mexico Tech and an MBA from Texas A&M, Corpus Christi. I spent the majority of my career as the Director of Internal Audit at the University of New Mexico, the US Olympic Committee, and the City of Albuquerque. Three weeks after retiring from my position as Albuquerque City Auditor, I took a beginning mosaic class through UNM Continuing Education. I immediately fell in love with the medium and have been creating mosaic objects and wall hangings ever since.

Artist Statement

My mosaic art includes found objects, purchased and handmade tiles, beads, stones, and broken dishes. Mosaic bases/backers can be medium density fiber board, feather core board, Styrofoam, cement blocks, rocks, and varied decorative pieces. Each mosaic work is an experiment; some with expected results and other outcomes a mystery until the piece is complete. Some pieces are well planned, and others are organic with the tesserae (tiles and other materials) taking the lead and inspiring the finished product.

I have not focused on one specific style of mosaic art as there are many styles left to be explored. Mosaic artists who have been an inspiration to her include Julie Sperling, Kellie Knickerbocker, Martin Cheek, Laura Robbins, and many others. I am a member of Mosaic New Mexico and the Society of American Mosaic Artists.

I love mosaic art because there is no limit to the materials that can be included in pieces, and imperfections can make a piece more interesting. The hunt for materials is almost as satisfying as creating the mosaic art itself. The materials often lead me in unanticipated directions. My mosaic pieces may also feature patterns and optical illusions. I hope to make the viewer smile and look deeper at the detail of each piece.

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