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I was first exposed to art while living in Spain for the first six years of my life. My family would visit art museum such as the Prado and ancient Roman sites such as Ampurias. We returned to the United States and eventually settled in the San Fernando Valley in California. During middle school I was fortunate to have a teacher take me under her wing and nurture my artistic abilities by copying drawings and painting by Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gough. I continued to receive support from my art teachers through high school. I then attended two years at a community college and eventually moved to downtown Los Angeles to study at Otis Parsons Institute. </p

Los Angeles became my home, and I joined the Beverly Hills art association as well as the international renowned mural team The East Los Street Scapers. I also displayed, sold and rented out my art through the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Eventually I moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I bought and operated a café. Five years later I closed the café and returned to making art, and my career started to take off. I had numerous exhibitions in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, and I received several write-ups, radio interviews and television appearances. One of my photomosaics is now in the permanent collection of the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque, NM.

Artist Statement

I use art to communicate my personal and spiritual visions. In addition, I want to challenge the viewer to explore possibilities and issues reflective of modern society.

I enjoy and prefer drawing with ink because it requires a unique style of focus and deliberate use of color and composition. It provides a unique challenge since there is no way to cover up mistakes. Often, I translate my pen and ink drawings into larger images created in oil, acrylic, and sometimes mixed media. Murals and large paintings allow me to be more expressive using bold colors and brush strokes. With either medium, I intent for the viewer to “experience” the use of pens, pencils, brush, and collage application. Every element in my work - from the choice of figure and symbolism to the composition, color, and application of brush stroke - is deliberate and with purpose.

My subject matter is always figurative and narrative. My style of working falls into a combination of magic realism and surrealism with a touch of steam punk.

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