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Eun-Ji Choi is a printmaker from Korea, specializing in mezzotint and etching. Her work is inspired by the vast universe, which includes the natural environment of our own world, changes through repeated cycles of creation and extinction. This reminds her of the kaleidoscope of human life. Under the themes of the universe and nature, she tries to express all sorts of feelings and emotions on the printing plate. The natural scenery that she draws is not a mere description of air, water and trees. She tries to understand the true meaning of the universe and nature, pursuing the originality of nature as she draws, to express the beauty of nature and the boundless universe.

Eun-Ji Choi wants to crystalize the feelings that are generated by a communion with nature. Blending illusions with reality, the sense of nature itself is expressed in her own poetic perspective. The blue color ― the bright blue that she saw in the woods, which put her spirit at rest ― is used as a way of bringing in more natural light. It is her hope that her prints will encourage the viewer to develop a sense of awe toward nature, and to share the breath of life in harmony with nature. Also, she is eager to continue my creative work, while treating nature with respect. She hopes that her work will bear fruit and contribute to peaceful coexistence with nature, recovery of humanity and emotional healing.

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