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Always drawing, I grew up in NYC and spent Saturdays in children's sessions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I attended the School of Industrial Art on Lexington and 51st where lunch hour often meant time at the new Stieglitz Gallery, immersed in black and white photography, which still strongly influences my work. After a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in painting from Cooper Union, I journeyed west, landing in New Mexico. My time is here is spend in the printmaking studio or traveling to Italy, each place feeding me and complementing my life.

Artist Statement

I am a printmaker. I am a product of the great mark makers of the past. I dive in with my whole being, playing with the process and stretching it with both hands and arms and fingers so that the conversation between me and the paper and the press continues. My eye gazing over every inch of the print, I stand back, surprised, amused, enticed by what I see, hoping the viewer will travel the page with me and find their story alongside mine.

My monotypes are strongly monochromatic with blacks that go beyond the surface of the page, exploring the depth a single line can make as it is seen and then vanishes like the air in each breath we take while sleeping. It is a journey of marks found and marks lost as discovery becomes as important as finished product. Sometimes figurative, sometimes abstract, the finished piece is not story but the whispered voice ever wandering.

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