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Ginna Heiden is an artist living in New Mexico, best known for colorful, abstract paintings in oil or acrylic and multi-media sculptures. Her work is inspired by the science of happiness and the field of positive psychology. Whether the result is sophisticated or whimsical, her passion is to present content that is uplifting for the viewer. She studied art at UNM, WNMU, and at the Instituto in San Miguel de Allende, MX. She now lives with her husband, Jack, in Rio Rancho, NM where she maintains her in-home studio and gallery.

Artist Statement

My mission as an artist is to encourage people to make themselves happy. I create uplifting, abstract art through a combination of shapes, forms, and colors as a reminder that happiness comes from several different actions. We need that variety for a sense of satisfaction and wellbeing. Actions such as small accomplishments, simple rewards, social connections, or hearty laughter stimulate the brain to release chemicals responsible for those feelings of happiness. (Yes. It’s all in your head!) Whether whimsical or sophisticated, mysterious or playful, the emphasis in my work is on enjoyment and celebration of the good in our lives.

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