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Greta Stockebrand is a New Mexico based fine artist who creates both large and small abstract acrylic and mixed media paintings.

She received her BFA in 1987 at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. She moved to the Land of Enchantment in 1991, and started her professional career in 2017. Within a short time, her pieces were chosen to be on permanent display at a prominent Albuquerque gallery, Ghostwolf Gallery, and on private display in several businesses. Her works have also been utilized on set by AMC’s, Better Call Saul.

Artist Statement

use color to create form rather than just a filler for the objects represented. Color transforms visually into shape and form and becomes the lines. With a stroke, I transform bold colors to appear three dimensional. Color has a form and occupies a space of its own in my work. Color can be shown as gaseous and nebular forms or as solid as a circular form. When color is given dimension, it becomes more than something that occupies a shape, it is the shape.

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