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Irene Ann Garden is a Los Ranchos, New Mexico artist and cancer survivor. Born in Brooklyn, New York, she spent part of her childhood in a Swiss boarding school. She received a Fine Arts at the University of Pittsburgh and went on to become a Registered Nurse, Massage Therapist and Certified Nurse Midwife, practicing in California, Alaska, Arizona, Brooklyn, and New Mexico. After retirement in 2013, Irene volunteered at the Albuquerque BioPark, and enjoyed teaching awareness about stewardship of the earth and our relationship with the animals. Her inspiration to make things beautiful was always her priority. Learning to use a camera was no easy task, but she managed to put forth the effort to make it happen. She is now creating a new pathway for herself as she interprets the images that fall onto her camera, often expressing her own personal understanding of the depth and meaning of this life.  Drawing from her experiences, her photography is in many ways about birth: the birth of her own understanding of life and creative expression. This show is the 5th and 6th installments of the 9 Mysteries series.


Artist Statement

After 35 years of catching babies, I have retired from being a Nurse Midwife and am now creating a new pathway for myself with images that speak to me on a personal level about the meaning and depth of this life. My photography is about birth. The birth of my understanding of this life. I have a vision of “9 MYSTERIES” in 9 categories: The Light Within, Animal Eyes, Shadows, Reflection, Sacred Light, Sacred Whimsy, Grace, Patterns, One Humanity. For this exhibition I am presenting the Sacred Light Mystery Series and the Sacred Whimsy Series. I am allowing myself to explore and create without a standard of perfection, but rather using my eye to transform the conceptual image that will have its own language. Thank you for looking.


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