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I grew up in Panama and spent my adult life in Venezuela where I discovered my passion for being creative through ceramic art. After I moved to the south of the country, I found a landscape that spoke to me through its rocks and rivers. It became the source of inspiration for my ceramics, especially since I was able to incorporate the wealth of earth and other natural elements to enrich the texture and qualities of the clay. The connection with nature opened the door to exploring creative possibilities.

In 2012 I received my Bachelor of Art in Caracas, Venezuela. I participated in dozens of collective exhibitions across the country. The last one – just before I moved, took place at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas. I moved back to Panama in 2015 where I opened my studio workshop to teach ceramics to adults and youths. In 2021 I decide to move to Albuquerque to be close to my family. Since then, I have been painting with acrylic on canvas, something I have wanted to explore for a while.

In recent years I have been exploring the connection between our creative expression and our inner world. To me, practicing art is a way of self-knowledge and healing. In 2020 I began to train as a teacher of Intentional Creativity. This is an approach to the creative expression that links our intention with a spark that transforms and initiates what we want to manifest in our lives. I am currently studying Art Therapy with the Institute of Integrative Analytical Art Therapy of Spain.

Artist Statement

My inspiration comes from spacial relationships, nature, landscapes, and imaginary habitats.
Sometimes my compositions are generated from a central focal point, sometimes they are the result of an immersion in these elements.

My intention is to capture glimpses of my imagination. My creative process is purely intuitive as I feel drawn to abstraction. I like to convey a sense of playfulness, vibrancy, and discovery.

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