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Born in Houston, Texas, Julie Howard works diligently to combine a love for helping others with a love for artistic expression. Recognizing that color is important in the food we eat; the clothes we wear; our homes; our cars; and even our pets – she points out that “there is a great deal more to color than what meets the eye because it communicates.” J. Howard utilizes the intricate detailing of hyper-realism to present images through organic soft pastel drawings on canvas. She believes that as an artist, she must delve beyond just recognizing the colors present for their inherent qualities but, also incorporate them in such a way that each drawing goes beyond the natural depth of field for a photographic quality. There is a strong desire to ignite emotion and provoke thought as not only an artist but, as a therapist by using art as a therapeutic stimulant for communication to reach a deeper level of healing. Coupled with an even deeper desire for detail, it is obvious in her work that the goal is to reach the viewer through what is represented in her unique style. Her work has received many awards on both national and international arenas and has been published often.

Artist Statement - The Art Of Leaves Collection

Nature is all around us and deep within us. We are inseparable from nature. The leaf is that part of creation that extends from the vine and symbolizes how we extend ourselves out to experience. With my pastel paintings I strive to reveal the way the heart may see and express its complex connection to nature. I want for my art to interact with and educate the viewer in an emotional and spiritual way.

My goal with this collection was to encompass how life lives outside of what we view as societal. Each piece uses leaves in a literal and figurative sense; intensified by color and its infinite spectrum of vibrancy. Each drawing illustrates a facilitation and fulfillment of very basic human expressions. “The Art Of Leaves” is an exploration of nature that takes endless form in story-telling images.

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