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After graduating from the University of Iowa with an emphasis in printmaking Jan joined the Peace Corps and moved to Ghana. Those two years in West Africa ignited her passion for travel and living in other cultures, a passion that continues to this day. In 1972 Jan moved to the southwestern United States, spend several years in Tucson, Arizona, and on the Nava Reservation and in 1976, moved to New Mexico where she has worked as an artist ever since.

In 1991, she completed coursework for a Masters Degree in Architecture which is reflected in her etchings and relief prints of buildings and structures. She returned to Ghana in 1999 where she taught art and design for 3 years. Jan was a weaver/fabric designer for over 20 years which satisfied her fascination with color but she never stopped drawing. She began working seriously in printmaking in 2004 and has her work in many private collections. While raising her family in New Mexico she and her husband moved to the Sandia Mountains outside Albuquerque where she continues to express the wonders of New Mexico and the world around her in her limited edition original prints.

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