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A native New Mexican, I received my BFA in painting and drawing at UNM. Since 2002, I have been a member of the Luna Project, a women’s artist group. I also participant in the 9 x 9 Artists Group that started in 2016. Both groups show in the Albuquerque area at various venues and galleries including Mariposa Gallery, Weyrich Gallery, Open Space Visitor Center Gallery, Tortuga Gallery, Harwood Art Center and the African American Performing Art Center Gallery. I am a mixed media artist with work that includes three dimensional pieces, collage, painting, monotypes and mixed media. My recent work has focused on monotype prints, which often incorporate assorted mixed media materials such as graphite and oil sticks.

I am interested in the intuitive, spontaneous and accidental process of art making. I collect and randomly glean images found in my internal and external environment. The simplicity, color, delight and surprise of these imaginings inform my work as an artist. The monotype is often referred to as “the painterly print” as each one is unique. The process embodies the unexpected, the possibility and the openness to chance that I embrace. I work in series, often using similar colors and patterns. Applying multiple layers of ink, working with assorted tools and mixed media materials, the monotype is worked and reworked, often going through the press multiple times.

My work explores the immediacy, the inadvertent balance, the ease, the tension and the wonder circling my environs.

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