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A lifelong love of art began for me the moment I could make marks on paper. In the mid-1980s, I took art classes at UNM in Gallup, New Mexico. I began working from antique postcards where I copied and painted watercolor portraits of Indigenous Americans. I also became interested in Zuni pottery designs. Zuni symbols continue to appear in my work to this day. My focus shifted some years later with the birth of my daughter. As she grew to become an accomplished dancer, my paintings reflected the fluidity and movement of dance. By late 2011, my return to art was freer and more intuitive, heading into abstraction - a genre through which I could readily express my love of movement, music, color, and especially the cosmos.

I studied with painter Cody Hooper and to attend the Artful Living/Living Artfully seminars of choreographer Loren Fletcher. The impact of these mentors is apparent, respectively, in my technique and confidence. In 2013, I was honored as the NM State Fair Blue Ribbon award winner in the Oils and Acrylics division, motivating me to continue moving forward with my passion for beauty and connection with the world in which we all live.

Artist Statement

Yugen, a Japanese term, refers to “A profound, mysterious sense of the beauty of the universe, and the sad beauty of human suffering.” It values the power to evoke, rather than the ability to state directly, and can awaken many inner thoughts and feelings. I credit this emotion for the space-scapes that often evolve within my artwork from intuitive applications of vibrant color.

The abstract process for involves no more planning than deciding what size or type of surface to paint on and which colors to begin with. I usually use wet-on-wet watercolor technique and apply color straight out of the tube. I may choose to use a spray bottle of water to move the colors around or use a palette knife! It truly is a random beginning. The forms begin to take shape as the movement of the colors direct. The process continues with layer upon layer of color with glazing in between to prevent lifting of the prior applications. Most of my work includes spheres, as they are often the best way to bring a balance to the works, therefore, the suggestion of space-scapes! Most of the smaller works are finished with 2-3 layers of resin with more paint applications! The process of creating art is gratifying to me; but the sense of wonder on my patrons’ faces completes the process of connecting my art with their hearts.

Collectors of my work often describe it as inspiring, mysterious, majestic and peaceful. My hope is that the images I create will resonate with the viewers while sparking a renewed sense of awe and wonder about our shared existence.

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