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What started as a hobby soon developed into a field of interest with actual participation in creating objects in clay and ultimately became my career in the clay arts. Getting the hands-on feeling of the medium has always been most interesting to me. With exhibitions in five states and the Netherlands, I have been able to travel and learn different building techniques, firing procedures, and decorative ideas.

At this stage of my work, I am very satisfied with my slab roller, colored slips, and variations of designs in order to create singular works that I do not repeat or duplicate. I am currently exhibiting at Amapola Gallery in Old Town, Albuquerque, as well as WoW! Gallery in Santa Fe.

Artist Statement

Clay speaks to me. It has since I first touched it in a beginning ceramics class at the University of New Mexico. Many classes, workshops, shows, and galleries later, clay is still my friend, patiently waiting for me to return and indulge my imagination.

All pieces are one-of-a-kind, hand built from slabs. Found scraps of metal and wire are pushed into the soft clay. Colored clay slips are applied by brush or spattered over stencils. Once dried, pieces are bisque-fired in an electric kiln. An outdoor smoke firing with colored papers and sawdust completes the piece with an aged and textured finish.

I wish for my work to bring a smile, a sense of history, and a feeling of grounding in Mother Earth.

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