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Artist Statement

My paintings are full of joy, humor and whimsical magic. Color has always brought me joy. I need joy in my life and that is why I paint in so much color. I need happiness in my life which is why I choose to paint my animals joyful, as if they were wearing their Sunday best. Although I paint landscapes and botanicals occasionally, right now I am focusing on animals, from zebras to pigs, and lots of chickens. For me, painting is healing in so many ways. I like to paint at night when the world is asleep and there is a sense of peace. I often listen to music while I am painting to help me get lost in the world I am creating. I strive to create a world that is magical, where perfect does not exist and everything is beautiful and different and accepted equally. I am so humbled and touched when people see my work and it brings a smile to their face. Or a child’s excitement when they run to tell their mom or dad what they see. It makes my heart warm up and I am grateful for allowing me to put joy into the world around me.

I paint with mostly acrylics and water based oils. I like that the paint dries quickly, allowing me to move through the canvas and apply multiple layers. I like to use my hands and different tools such as palette knives, brushes, or rags to create different effects. I pick paint anywhere from neon’s to metallic’s, to glitter or anything I feel that comes to mind at the time and just go for it.


Born and raised in NM, Kimberly Ross is a self-taught artist. She feels her childhood was cut short by becoming married and a mother very early in life, and she recreates the innocence and wonder of childhood in her paintings. She is a cancer survivor. While art served as a healing path towards her recovery it continues to nurture her to this day. She is a member of the Rio Grande Art Associate (RGAA), the Rail Yard Market, has won an award with the Belen Art Gallery where her work is featured on a street light banner in Belen, NM. Her art has been shown at several festivals throughout the Albuquerque area, such as the Lavender and Sunflower Festival and Earthfest in Nob Hill. Her work has also been exhibited at the Daily Grind and Napoli coffee shops and is currently on display at Enchanted Sugar in Cottonwood Mall. She paints everyday if she can and is excited to continue this journey since it continues to bless her life daily.

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