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I am a New Mexican artist who works in multiple mediums, including metal arts/jewelry, enameling, paper, and collage. Unlike most artists who started out scribbling during class in grade school and working on their technique at an early age, I never thought of myself as an artist until I was encouraged in my 40s by my art teacher mother-in-law to participate in her weekend art projects. I discovered an imagination that I never knew I had, and finally got up the courage to enroll in a metal arts class at a local community college. After having won the school’s top award in 3D arts, I decided to invest in equipment and began making jewelry as a hobby. I moved to Madrid New Mexico, and after getting to know local artists and gallery owners, I was soon making and selling jewelry. I branched out and began working in other mediums, and today I have my work in several galleries throughout New Mexico.

I walk, trudge, and fly from paper and pencils to metal and enamels, from architectural to organic to anatomical. My inspiration comes from different sources: Angels while sitting in church as a child. Brick walls with fire escapes while sleeping outside during a particularly hot summer above the Tenderloin District. Solitary figures that spring from who knows where. There is nothing conscious or intentional about the ideas that guide my efforts.

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