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Laura operates Red Paint Studio in Corrales where she both creates and exhibits her paintings, sculptures and line of clothing. She has a Bachelor of Fine Art in Ceramics and Fiber art from The University of Edinboro, PA. Laura is an award winning artist who has exhibited widely and is represented by several galleries in the United States. Her work has been included in several publications such as Artful Interiors and Art Doll Quarterly.

Laura is a storyteller who paints and creates what she imagines. With degrees in clay and fiber and 30 years of trial and error she has found media and subject matters that work best for her and make her happy. Her subject matters range from figurative to abstract, and animals to botanicals. She is not partial to any certain kinds of materials or surface - like a good cook in the kitchen – and uses whatever is at hand and explores where the ingredients take her. Whether it be painting, sculpture or her refashioned garments, the connecting theme is a tale of contemporary folk art and a pinch of whimsy.

Artist Statement

Painting is like deciding to go on an extended driving trip in a pretty cool travel trailer.

You spend time figuring out where you'd like to end up, what you'd like to see and do along the way. This all takes a while because as you keep changing your mind as to what you'd like to experience and explore. You ready the vehicle, pack what you think you will need and start to head out. Just before you leave the driveway, a friend asks can he get a ride part way Ahhh ok.The trip just got more complicated. Now you have to be social. You adjust your thinking and settle in.

The colors are nice, the road is smooth, the signs are helpful. The journey includes many side trips and stops to fix the van (you forgot to pack tools), but you start to forget the destination and instead enjoy the ride. It never really mattered where you were going anyway. Making art for me at least is like that.

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