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Marcella Mtz. Velasquez started taking pictures over 10 years ago. Her love of landscapes, flowers, and animals shows through in each of her pieces of art photography. Living in Ecuador, South America as a foreign exchange student opened her eyes to all the beauty that lies in different parts of the world as well as the beauty that is found at her front door. Marcella has been married for forty years to husband Thomas Velasquez, has three daughters, three son-in-laws, and seven grandchildren. Although she has not been formally trained in the field of art, it is a natural talent she possesses to create art through her photography. Marcella’s philosophy in life is to be the best person you can be, be good to people, always give, and love like you won’t be here tomorrow.

She takes the beauty of our environment into a photograph and then transforms it into modern art on her iPhone. There are multiple techniques she uses on her iPhone to split and combine photographs and uses different applications to add color to her photographs.

Through her art photography, Marcella would like to bring beauty, love, and hope to all humankind. With so many suffering in this world, she hopes to bring deep inspiration and a true love of all things God has created.

Artist Statement

I believe that everyone has artistic talent. Because I am in chronic pain, I try to lose myself in my artwork. I use my iPhone to get creative with nature and colors. My current goal is to help cancer patients in need by giving back through my artwork.

Photography relaxes my body and soul. I try bringing out the beauty in all that I do, especially in photography. My family and friends have long been my inspiration.

My art consist of flowers, insects, animals, wood, and stained glass. I add abstract art to my pictures for a different look and feel.

I stumbled across this artistic talent by chance. Find your talent and share it. Take a chance and create something beautiful. Help others every chance you get.

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