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Coming of age in the 1960’s I’ve been a rebel with many causes from an early age. Though academically trained in the social sciences and adult education, my passion has always been fueled by the creative arts. After a ten-year run as a professional freelance photographer based in Saratoga Springs, New York I migrated permanently to New Mexico thirty years ago and began to explore and immerse in painting and print making. I live and maintain my studio in Santa Fe, where I have worked, taught, and volunteered over the years.

Artist Statement

My collages are made from monotypes I make on a Gelli plate, a way of printing without a press. To create the monoprints, I first apply acrylic paint to the plate and print onto a sheet of paper. Then a second layer of paint is applied to the plate. I add texture to the plate using various additive or subtractive mark making techniques. With each printing on the newly texturized plate more underlying patterns and colors emerge until the desired effect is achieved. Every print is unique, and one of a kind.

The monotypes are then torn into bits and pieces to collage onto a canvas that has been enhanced similarly. Working back to front, I collage the pieces into a painting as one would otherwise use a paintbrush.

As the picture emerges, I further embellish the canvas with a variety of acrylic inks, paint pens, water soluble crayons or colored pencils to highlight the details and I often hand draw additional elements to further enrich the work. The secret of success of the entire process lies in the many layers of color, texture and pattern printed onto various types of paper and the seamless assembly of the collage. The finished piece is then sealed with a clear UV resistant acrylic varnish to guard the surface from fading and to protect the work from moisture, dirt, and dust.

My creative work is my joy, my anchor and my refuge. It gives me a reason to get up in the morning and provides a few hours of happy each day that keeps the unrest out there at bay. At this stage in my life it gives me great pleasure to produce work that can please the eye, touch the heart, lift the spirit and leave a smile. Challenging myself to see things from a new and different point of view is what makes alchemy for me and hopefully for you, too.



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