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Artist Statement

Taking inspiration from the uninhibited, “Shimmy-Shakin’” styling of Rock ’N’ Roll; think Doo-wop and Boogie Woogie, this assembly of Monoprint images, with their chatter of lines, arbitrary drops of gold and veils of luminous, amorphous shapes of color, bob and weave in a free-form dance that rhythmically supports their syncopated “groove”.

My process involves layering painted watercolor washes on Yupo paper cut into shapes, with intaglio drypoint plates. As seen in “Chromo Snail,” a vibrant blue snail shape floats in a crazy tangle of lines and overlapping washes of color, appearing simultaneously to move forward and back within a nebulous pictorial space. These combinations are constructed on the press bed, where the process of working on abstractions from above and around gives freedom to determining what ends up being the real top and bottom.

With a nod to Wassily Kandinsky, who drew inspiration from music, and by the fantasy, floating worlds of artists Joan Miro and Marc Chagall, I work; happily ensconced in this dreamy, joyful, pop-fizz arena of non-objective image making.

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