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Matthew Leik – bio

I travel about the New Mexico scene and elsewhere armed with a digital camera and a fancy computer back home. I search for a way to capture and enhance either scenic nature or gritty urban environments. I don't worry about the “right” way to do photography, but instead, I connect it with my love for digital image manipulation. I get increasingly excited as the post-processing on an image becomes more and more involved, and I know my work is done when the image is just a touch surreal.

Artist Statement

Matthew is best know for his non traditional take on photography adapted from his love for digital image manipulation. He is typically romping around the New Mexico area from the far out nature scenes to deep within the gritty inner city looking to capture dense textures and interesting light.

It's in the digital processing that he has the most fun as he connects his photography to his background in digital art and looks for increasingly complicated ways of bringing out and enhancing his pictures. “I don't do post-processing to make my photography better,” says Matt, “I do photography to have something to post-process.”

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