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Photographer and artist Max Woltman is sought after for his observant eye, passionate voice, and gift for seeing beauty in everyone. Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, he draws inspiration from the southwestern landscape and iconography. Theatrical lighting, emotionally charged gestures, dance poses, and his love of people also define Maxʼs elegant, sensual style. Max’s diverse body of work includes floral, landscape, and abstract photography as well as figurative works, portraits, and fashion imagery.

During his time as a student at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Max worked for the Center for Creative Photography, where he organized original negatives, prints, and journals created by masters such as Ansel Adams and Edward Weston. It was an experience that expanded his affection for photography as an art form and motivated Max to purchase his first camera. Initially, he took mostly headshots of his fellow classmates in the theatre and music departments. Eventually Max added family portraiture, weddings, editorial, and commercial work to his repertoire.

Recently Max, along with seven other international artists, was published in the inaugural issue of the fine art photography magazine Vitruvian Lens. Max has been featured in several print and web publications and blogs, including the Canadian sponsored NUDE Photoshoot Awards contest and book, for which he took first place in the dance & movement category in 2016. For the last four years, Max was awarded the Albuquerque Pride OUTstanding Photography Award for his service to the city's LGBTQ community. Having graduated from the University of New Mexico Department of Theatre and Dance and performed in many local productions, Max also has strong ties to the Albuquerque theater community. He continues to contribute his acting and photography skills to companies such as Landmark Musicals and Play Conservatory.

Artist Statement - Sense of Place

Whether it be the intimacy of a single flower or the grandiose chorus of trees that covers a mountain, Sense of Place explores the ways we connect to our environment. Even if we can’t put into words the feeling we get in the presence of a particular tree, why a specific color appeals to us, or whether we return to familiar locations or explore new ones, we all move through space and time. We sense the changing seasons, we know when a place feels like home. I invite you to take a journey into these mysterious, surreal, and magical worlds and find your sense of place.

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