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Born in Twin Falls, ID in 1947 my family moved to Las Cruces, NM in 1956. I’ve spent the majority of my life in Las Cruces, though because of 12 years of military service and various jobs I’ve had the opportunity to visit all 50 states, all but one of the Canadian Providences, Europe, Japan, Vietnam, Guam, Mexico, Ireland, Taiwan and probably a few other places. I started photographing about 55 years ago with a Kodak Instamatic camera that I received as a Christmas present. I took courses in black and white darkroom, and eventually set up my own, color darkroom, studio lighting, landscape and advance photography. After retiring in 2002 I was able to complete a degree in graphic design and began doing freelance work, mostly for artists. I did all of my own photography work. This gave me a real advantage in that when I decided to switch to digital photography in 2008 I was very familiar with Photoshop, which became my new darkroom. When of Adobe Lightroom came out, I became my primary post processing tool.

I am a techie by nature and most of my careers have been in the technical fields. I began working with computers in the 70s so switching to digital seemed like a natural transition for me and opened up a whole new path for my art. I discovered a technique called High Dynamic Range which is used mostly for landscape and architecture. After taking a class in it in 2014 it became the main path for my photography. I now also teach photography. My images have received numerous awards from online contests and challenges over the last four years. I was awarded a Best of Show at the 2018 Las Cruces Arts and Craft Show, second place at the New Mexico Arts and Craft Show in Albq, NM in 2017, First and Second Place Awards at the Las Cruces Artforms Love of Art Month Shows in 2016. I show and sell my work at galleries and fine art shows in the Southwest, and am a co-owner - with my wife - of a fine art gallery in Las Cruces, NM

Artist Statement

Having spent most of my life in New Mexico, I have a great love for the beauty of, not only New Mexico, but for the whole of the Southwest. The sunrises and sunsets over the rugged mountains and rock formations, the open expanses and canyon vistas are what give me inspiration and the passion to create my art. It is not my intention to merely take a picture of some place, but to also capture the emotions and feelings of that moment.

My photography can be a very spiritual thing at times. I always pause for awhile and ground myself in what is around me, this keeps me from becoming so caught up in trying to get “The Shot” that I lose the connection with all of the other beauty that is present and that may actually be “The Shot”.

The High Dynamic Range (HDR) technique I use to create my image helps to provide a better idea of how I saw, or how I might have perceived what is in the image.

I always hope that when some one views my work they will not just see it as a photograph but will also become caught up in it. Each of my images has a story behind it but each image can convey a different story to the viewer. I’ve heard some wonderful stories from the viewers of my work and this is a motivator for me to keep doing what I do.

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