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Michelle Sharp – bio

Art Open House at NMCC, June 18, 2017

Michelle Marie is an artist working out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. She graduated from the University of New Mexico in 2013 with a Bachelors degree in Studio Art, with an emphasis in drawing and photography. She grew up in Southern California and has spent most summers in the North woods of Wisconsin. She studied abroad, spent time in Europe, Australia, and Italy and considers traveling one of the best ways to learn about people and even your own home. She has taken the last three years to work for businesses and individuals to refine her craft and skill. After not working on personal projects for this time, she decided to dedicate the year of 2017 to rediscovering her artistic voice. Through working as a professional crafter and sign maker, she has discovered the joy of creating environments that bring light and color to others’ lives and she hopes that her art will bring life and joy to peoples homes and offices. To her, it is a great honor to have her art in places people make their home.

Artist Statement

The concept of home is one that always tugs the soul. In a society that moves and travels a lot, our global concept of home is mainly dependent on your family or friends and community. The idea of home and living between the sea and the desert is a concept I keep returning to. The smells, the textures, the memories stirred by it all. My current work is just that, a merger of the sea and desert to create something joyful. Initially stubborn about making the desert my home, I always longed for the sea, or for anywhere else. These pieces are an expression of joy from reconciling the two very different cultures and environments I now call home. The pieces are defined by the contrast of small, tiny marks that take patience and time, layered on top of big, lush strokes of color that can be done more quickly. They are a push and pull of quick movements and tiny precise movements. Initially, I worked mainly in colors that reminded me of my home at sea, but as the New Mexico desert works its way into my soul, I began to introduce other elements of color: orange and yellow. I see these pieces as a meditation of environment and how they affect emotions and the constant search for home. I hope the pieces begin to grow and get bigger, almost like installations as I become more confident in were I have, and will, make my home.

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