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Moira Daly was born in New Haven, Connecticut on the Spring Equinox of 1972. Little did she know that the Nor’easter winds and a lonely tumbleweed would decide my fate as well as my family’s fate, bringing them to Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1975. As a child she took to this Land of Enchantment, playing in the desert dirt creating Yucca and Juniper Berry mud pies, collecting critters, and exploring the Sandia mountains with her faithful Samoyed, Taffy. Moira’s love for art came from her parents. Her mother, an English teacher, would create and paint with her words; her father, before he resumed his career as an art teacher, would take her with him in his silver Ford F150 to hand paint signs for local businesses in Albuquerque. Art was always her passion from preschool through high school. She experimented with tempera, pencil, oils, acrylics, any media that would transform her creative images to paper or canvas. When she graduated from Del Norte Highschool in 1990, that Pisces side of her became lost to the adult world of “responsibility.” She decided to serve the local community by getting her master’s degree in Marriage and Family therapy. Unexpectedly in 2019, Moira’s artistic talents were awakened by her love for gardening by a morning rainstorm which rekindled her artistic flair which bloomed into a new venue using a camera for paintbrush and a new creative journey – Macro Photography.

Artist Statement

Each scene that I photograph is taken from my garden and is unedited. Every photo is an original, honoring the magic and essence of Mother Nature. The process begins with a seed and ends nature creating the light, giving me the privilege of capturing a unique moment.

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