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Artist Statement / Bio

In my large scale etchings I fuse abstract and botanical elements while layering black lines and color shapes. The use of colored paper, applied with a technique called chine collé, unifies the individual elements and thus becomes the common theme. Color is also a reflections of the seasons, especially of spring when the black and white world of winter dramatically reinvents itself. In addition, the use of color references the botanicals personality and supports the energy driving the abstractions.

In etching, copper plates are inscribed with a variety of techniques, sometimes painstakingly rendered and other times graphic and bold. The “cuts” in the plate hold ink. Each time an image is printed the plate is coated with ink and the flat, top surface is wiped clean leaving ink only in the etched lines. The plate is then laid face up on the press bed, covered with paper and hand cranked through with enormous pressure transferring the inked areas to the paper. Etching has always been a medium that keeps me intrigued with its process driven nature

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