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Art Open House at NMCC March 2, 2018. Fabulous guitars!

Paula Manning-Lewis has been a professional artist since she was 21, when she decided to pursue a career as an artist so she could stay home with her kids. Now that her three sons are grown, she has more time to devote to her passion.

She lives to be creative, it is her passion. Whether she’s painting on canvas, vinyl records, or recycling beat-up guitars; making drawings for her next coloring book, creating designs for fine art needlepoint, or creating functional pieces in fabric on a sewing machine. Art is her purpose; spreading love, joy and peace is her goal, and living her dream of making a living with her art is non-negotiable. Art isn’t only something she does, it is a spiritual expression from the deepest part of her soul. The art Paula creates is inspired by her Divine Source through daily meditation. She is constantly aware of her intuition and enjoys trying out new forms of creative expression.

In addition to her visual and functional art, Paula is a singer in the group Sunlight with her husband, Aaron Lewis. Together they also own Chroma Studios, an Albuquerque business and community where musicians and artists rent private studio spaces in a professional working environment. One of their biggest joys is to encourage and mentor other artists and musicians to follow their dreams.

Artist Statement

My art is all about emotions and energy, light and love. I don’t come up with the ideas for my paintings. I am merely the channel that brings them into existence. When I found my current style I had no idea where it was coming from because I had not yet awakened to my purpose in life. The process of finding my signature style was one of self discovery and at the same time, Universal discovery. What I have learned during this journey, is my purpose as an artist. What I am here for. My purpose is to share a feeling, an emotion, an energy of love. Love is the most important feeling we as humans can experience. It’s the one emotion that stays behind when we leave this life. Love is what we are here for. Love grounds us and makes us soar! My art is my gift. A gift to me from the Universe and a gift from me to you. It’s my connection to Spirit and my reason for being here.

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