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My art trainings has been largely self-directed. I pursed my art studies outside my academic train in Public administrations and Engineering. I had a rich and varied career ranging from Law Enforcement to executive management in High Tech. I was able to return to my first love of painting about 10 years ago and have been exhibiting for 8 years. My work is collected in the US, Canada and the UK. My husband and I now reside outside Pecos, New Mexico.

Artist Statement

My oil paintings fall into either representational or impressionistic realism. I have always been on the move. Growing up, we moved often as my father was an Air Force officer. This gave me a wonderful exposure to the many beautiful places in our world. I think my appreciation of the beauty of the landscape had early origin. Everywhere I look, there is beauty both seen and felt. My work seeks to take the viewer on that journey either in landscape or my spirit work. Some of my work is spirit oriented, often representing the messages from god and his angels. Feathers floating in the moonlight are gifts of direction.

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