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  • Artist and Architect.
  • Born 1938 Gallup, New Mexico, USA
  • Attended Ft. Lewis A&M Junior College 1957 to 1959, University of New Mexico 1965 Bachelors of Fine Arts in Architecture and Art.
  • Seminars with Robert E. Wood and Mario Cooper
  • Lived in Los Alamos, owned an Architectural office and a partnership in an art gallery and now resides in Albuquerque.
  • Major influences in his work came from Walt Kuhlman, Robert E. Wood and many other Artist and Architects.

    In addition to working in oils, watercolors, pastels, sculptures and Pottery, Roger has been producing lithographs at Tamarind Institute, UNM.

    Roger about lithography, “What a great medium, you draw on a stone or many stones depending on the number of colors you want to use on the final piece of art, then the colors are printed on a single piece of paper by hand by a master printer. It’s a long process but well worth the effort.”

    Roger has contributed to several organizations such as Vintage Albuquerque for the Albuq. Symphony, Weems artfest, Casa Esperanza and The Italian Film Festival for The Children's Hospitals in Albuquerque, NM and Kids of the Southwest non profit organization in Las Cruces, NM

    Roger has won awards in the NM State Fair, Texas Tech Univ. watercolor show, 100 Best Dallas Texas to name a few. His paintings have been exhibited in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Taos, Los Alamos, Gallup, Cloudcroft and Ruidoso, NM, Durango, Denver and Ouray, Col., Austin, Tx, Tucson, Carefree, Ariz. Many of his pieces of art are in collections around the world.

    His work is currently being exhibited in and represented by the Agora Gallery in NYC, and in his studio in Albuquerque, NM.

    Artist Statement

    Growing up in Gallup, NM with such a melting pot of nationalities and cultures contribute to the colors and images that are present in many of my paintings. My grand parents and other relatives came from Cansano, Italy, a little village about 80 kilometers east of Rome.
    I remember wanting to visit the “old country”, and finally after many years, a life long dream come true. The sketches produced in Italy are only to fix the images and life styles in my mind.

    Li in Italia is a book of photos and sketches and paintings of two of my trips in Italy.

    The paintings I create usually start with nothing in mind and evolve from the shapes that take place on the canvas or paper. It is that minds eye that says you are a dancer, a village, a city or just shapes abstractly placed. It is this method of painting that has created the different styles and subjects. It is my experiences in life.

    The influence reflected in my art comes from the melting pot of nationalities and cultures with which I grew up. My grandparents and other relatives came from Italy, which is evident in my Italian paintings.

    I work in a variety of different mediums including oils, watercolors, pastels, sculptures, pottery, jewelry and lithographs. I have won numerous awards, including awards in the New Mexico State Fair, Texas Tech University and 100 Best in Dallas, Texas, to name a few.

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