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Of the few Fine Art Polymer Artists in the world, Master Polymer Artist Saul Hoffman is beginning his 3rd decade transforming this clay medium into stunning, colorful, emotion and soul-filled masterpieces.

Since presenting his wall art to the public in 2014, Saul’s art has been displayed in Paris, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York City, Minneapolis, Santa Fe and Albuquerque. There are countless purchased pieces hanging in private residences around the globe.

Saul’s visions continually manifest and his goal is to work on large scale commissioned pieces which will hang in museums around the world for all to enjoy and be awed by.

“The creative process is medicine for the universe. When I get lost in creation I sense a calm hovering above the lands.”

Artist Statement

Creation for me is to Heal Souls’ with harnessed and infinite Love and Light from the Heavens. This is my mission. This is my purpose.

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