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Artist Statement

Three years ago I, along with my wife and daughter, embarked on an adventure and moved to New Mexico from Philadelphia, PA. There's been no looking back. That decision has inspired my recent original stained glass panels and fused glass pieces. I've always liked building things. Even as a kid, I used Lincoln Logs, Legos and clay. I also liked taking things apart but wasn't always successful in putting them back together. As an adult I built cabinets, shelves and tables and also got into watercolors.

My fascination with glass started years ago when I was given the 200-year-old stained glass window I found in a crawl space of an old church in PA, while doing electrical work. By the time I took a class to learn how to fix it, 13 pieces of the window needed to be replaced. That beautiful window has hung in my home for many years now. In 2000, I started creating with glass. I often design and build entire panels in my dreams! I'm rarely without a small sketch book, never knowing when inspiration will hit.

All of my artistic creating, until now, has been accomplished while working full time, first in electrical construction, then, for the last 30 years in the building and repair of industrial bakery equipment. I retired from my full time job in March of 2019.

My art is inspired by nature, architecture and everyday life. Art is everywhere. Many of my projects are in my head for months until I produce them. I try to express what I see in my mind which gives me great satisfaction. A piece is a success if it comes out the way I picture it; they don't always. Sometimes I'm surprised at the turns a piece will take. My greatest reward as an artist is seeing others fall in love with my creations. There's a workshop in my home and you can find me there most days having fun with my glass and kiln.

Stained glass care instructions:

Hand clean gently with soft, lint-free cloth & small amount of furniture polish (like pledge). Rub onto glass and solder until absorbed. Do not use window cleaner as this will damage solder. Clean gently.

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