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Art Open House at NMCC March 2, 2018. With 'Hot Flash', hand sewn masterpiece.

Artist Statement

I have a love affair with my hands and a certain obsessive need to produce. My work tends to gravitate toward labor intensive, often repetitive methods of working when bringing an idea to life. I enjoy combining modern inventions with traditional making methods and strive to weave them into a collective whole.

IFor the past few years, I have focused exclusively on paper: exploring and expanding my experience of what the medium can become. Paper is my canvas and my paint – it becomes color and form, movement and sensation through surface placement and manipulation. I hand pull hundreds of paper pieces which accumulate into thousands. Each paper piece is individually watercolored, painted with wax, or left bare and then sewn to linen or fixed to a rigid surface with the pigmented beeswax. This work is about the joy of making and the pleasure derived watching the transformational quality of a single unit as it accumulates and morphs into a unified mass. It is both meditation and obsession – it is my repetitive longing.

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