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Susan creates layered abstractions in sumi-e ink, handmade paper, paint and drawing materials. She is inspired by Japanese calligraphy and abstractions she sees around her. She was shaped by growing up in California, studying in upstate New York and settling in New Mexico enjoying the unique environment of each.

Artist Statement

My abstractions are reflections of my inner world as well as the outer world of abstractions and patterns I see everywhere. Through intuitive drawing and painting, often with sumi-e ink and graphite, I create layers that I combine freely. Fear, isolation, joy, intimacy and wonder — all contribute to the work. The process of layering has always been integral to my creative practice.

Through layering, a piece grows and deepens over time, each translucent layer interacting with the layers above and below. The act of laying down collage elements is a sensual experience that conjures layering in life — of time,
memory and meaning.

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