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Tom Daly was born in New Haven, Connecticut. He always showed an artistic bend, and during his High School years he earned several awards for his artwork, including getting a cartoon published in Life Magazine. During his time in the United States Army Infantry he had several cartoons published in Stars and Stripes. After being discharged, he continued his education, receiving his MA in Education. He started his teaching career teaching Art in Connecticut, and then moved to Albuquerque teaching in the public schools as a Special Education teacher at all three grade levels.

After retiring from APS he took up watercolors with a passion finding a wonderful outlet for his work at the Blue Portal which is located in Old Town.

Artist Statement

My work is just an investigation in attitude and wonder. I begin all my watercolors in almost a state of rebellion, but as I move into the piece it begins to challenge me to respond to it's creation! Each painting grows from my efforts until it finds its voice and my satisfaction.

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