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Virginia Cobb – bio

I am the daughter of an artist and the grand daughter of a poet who read Shakespeare to my sister and me when we were too young to understand the words. I learned early to listen and watch for nuance and subtext—a language of expression, gesture and symbol–rather than fact and data. In answer to a question I have since forgotten my grandfather said, "it is real if you believe it is real." it did not stand me well in math and history classes or prepare me for a career in anything but art... when we were children we were expected to amuse ourselves with paints and pencils and brushes while our mother was working in her studio, and we each developed individual methods of expression early. my paintings proceed much as my life has, I throw myself into each experience with great abandon, finding my way through to resolution by trial and experiment. my paintings never fail to surprise me, and I hope that will always be so.

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