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Gallery With A Cause • Located in the New Mexico Cancer Center • Benefitting the NMCC Foundation

Please call gallery director Regina Held to arrange a private gallery tour, make a purchase, or ask any questions.

Corey Taylor is a visual artist residing in Santa Fe, NM, recognized for her proficiency in acrylic and watercolor mediums. Her work has been displayed at the Women’s Work Exhibition hosted by Ghostwolf Gallery in Albuquerque, NM. Corey is an active member of the New Mexico Art League.


As a survivor of brain cancer, my journey has reignited my passion for art as a means of storytelling. Drawing from my experiences overcoming childhood abuse and its enduring impact on my psyche, I explore the intricate interplay between chaos and order. Through diverse mediums, I infuse my work with vibrant colors, intricate patterns, dynamic textures, and abstract forms to convey feelings of happiness and joy, believing in art’s capacity to foster connection and provoke change.


Specializing in expressionist and abstract styles, I often find myself drawn to creating images of women, birds, and cacti. Metaphorically, these symbols represent growth and transformation, as they navigate life’s obstacles, evolving and flourishing despite adversity. I am also drawn to creating images of the Virgin Mary. I often paint her without a face so the viewers can see her in their own personal way, as I do. I grew up in a very Catholic household and I would pray to the Virgin Mary, pleading with her to not appear to me with a message to share with the world as I imagined how poorly I might react in that scenario. So, it amuses me now that as an adult I find myself painting her and sharing her with the world.

My art serves as a reflection of my mental health; when all is well, creativity flows, and I strive to keep negativity from tainting my work. My art celebrates the tumultuous beauty of existence, highlighting joy, playfulness, and whimsy. Each piece I create embodies positivity and upliftment, inviting viewers to embrace resilience and the boundless possibilities of human experience.

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