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Gallery With A Cause • Located in the New Mexico Cancer Center • Benefitting the NMCC Foundation

Please call gallery director Regina Held to arrange a private gallery tour, make a purchase, or ask any questions.

When I cleaned out my desk on my last day of work before retiring in 2015, I found broken bits of pastel, brushes that I’d forgotten to clean, sketches and paints – evidence of a lifetime interest in drawing and painting.

In the past 20 years I have devoted much of my time to art workshops and painting, both as a skill and a tool for personal and spiritual development. I have found that the presence and deep attention required to paint is a form of meditation that sharpens my awareness and perception of both the natural world and my place in it.

I have been an artist-member of the Gallery ABQ, an artist owned gallery in Albuquerque, where I was webmaster for the Gallery ABQ website. Since 2018 I have shown my work at the Gallery ABQ and have participated in many events and shows. I have also been a member of Rainbow Artists: A Women’s Collective.

I began my art journey first with photography, then pastels, and in recent years with representational landscapes in oils. I enjoy plein air painting but primarily work in the studio from my own photographs. Some paintings evolve quickly but many are in process for weeks and months, waiting for a final touch of light, color or line.

I am inspired by the enduring beauty of New Mexico's landscapes that I first came to know 35 years ago. The grand mountain ranges, vast mesas and richly colored deserts drew me to photography, then to painting in pastel and oil, and most recently to acrylic abstractions.

I aim to transport viewers into the warmth and beauty of the southwest with subtle light and shadow, color, and tangible texture. Some of my oil paintings are in miniature format with finely detailed brushwork.

My creative process is a blend of observation, photography, intuition and immersing myself in the moment. Through my work, I hope to evoke a sense of connection to the natural world.

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